ECU Software updates

Toyota Motor Co. only issues software updates (Calibration or CAL files) for engine management and other electronic control units (ECU) only when there are specific issues or problems to be resolved. All updates are vehicle, model and model code specific. There are often additional vehicle parameters that need to be considered before selecting the correct update.

To make this process more simple, the download function requires the vehicle identification number (VIN) to be entered first. Add the relevant Bulletin ID and the system will present software updates relevant to the VIN, model & Model code.

This service is only available for vehicles officially marketed and sold by Toyota Motor Europe NVSA. For vehicles originally sold in other markets contact the local Toyota representative.

Technical Service Bulletins

Any software update will have an associated Technical Service Bulletin describing the problem or application to be fixed. In many cases, software updates are only part of the full repair process. You should not attempt to apply any software updates without fully understanding the information contained in the Technical Service Bulletin.

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